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Individuals who struggle with their mental or behavioral health may recognize their need for treatment yet struggle to engage, participate, or commit to treatment because they feel as if it is synonymous with an unpleasant chore. Since professional treatment is often required for recovery, it is safe to say that the healing journey will certainly have its ups and downs. However, individuals can avoid identifying treatment as a chore by, instead, addressing it as an opportunity for growth, transcendence, and self-discovery. Using creativity is one way that individuals can reframe their recovery journey, as recovery offers individuals the chance to relentlessly wield creative expression through various modalities and outlets. 

At CCM, we are passionate about guiding individuals and families in healing from mental health and behavioral health conditions. Thus, we provide professional concierge services to connect clients with appropriate treatment and long-term wellness options to, ultimately, sustain lasting healing and recovery. Furthermore, to meet individuals where they are on their healing journey, we promote the curation of creative, unique treatment and intervention experiences. By using creativity in recovery, we can not only ensure effective treatment and recovery outcomes but also enable individuals to fully embrace self-discovery and imagination as inspiration in healing. 

Creativity and Mental Health

Simply put, as stated by Frontiers in Psychology, “Creativity is the human capacity to use your imagination… to create solutions for complex problems. Therefore, it is essential for our survival and prosperity.” Using creativity allows us to look at and solve problems through different lenses by enabling openness and innovation. In daily life, creativity can help boost confidence and self-esteem while also fostering engagement. Additionally, in recovery, creativity can strengthen resilience when faced with obstacles that stand in the way of growth, success, and lasting healing.

Another way that creativity can support mental health is by promoting mindfulness and associated cognitive flexibility. Creativity calls individuals to focus their attention on the creative means at hand in the present moment, and this concentration can help foster divergent thinking and flexibility of thought. Further, creative means provide us with an opportunity to express our ever-changing thoughts and emotions beyond words. As stated by Thinking Skills and Creativity, “[C]reativity is a way of being in the world with substantive value for human-centered wellbeing and expression.”

In summary, some of the most notable benefits of creativity include promoting openness and cognitive flexibility, enhancing self-awareness and expression, and widening potential solutions to perceived problems. Additionally, creativity can help strengthen communication, motivate individuals to adapt to change, provide individuals with healthy coping mechanisms, and enhance productivity and overall well-being. 

Using Creativity for Stress Management in Recovery

Those in recovery from mental health disorders and substance use disorder (SUD) are especially vulnerable to maladaptive coping and relapse as a result of stress and adversity. In this way, perhaps one of the most valuable benefits of creativity is that it provides useful and healthy opportunities for coping with stress in recovery. As noted by the Journal of Intelligence, “Creative coping is the use of creativity as a positive strategy when facing stress.” Some examples of creative coping include painting, drawing, singing, writing music, journaling, and music and dance therapy. 

Anything that can help an individual represent their thoughts, emotions, and experiences in outward forms of expression can be an example of creative coping. Using creativity in various forms, individuals in recovery are presented with exciting opportunities to effectively process and express their emotions, which can be especially challenging in recovery from substance abuse or mental health disorders. In this way, creative coping can not only help prevent relapse but also help individuals reframe their recovery, as using creativity aids in self-discovery and self-confidence. 

Using Creativity to Reframe Your Recovery with CCM

Those working to achieve recovery from mental or behavioral health disorders and other forms of crises can find peace in knowing that recovery is more than just treating unpleasant symptoms. Rather, recovery is a journey of rediscovery and growth, with creativity being a valuable aid to this process. For those seeking to incorporate creativity into their recovery, consider locating a treatment program that prioritizes the use of holistic care in tandem with traditional, evidence-based treatments. Fortunately, we at CCM can help individuals locate these facilities as well as connect clients with the most appropriate services to fit their unique needs and goals for recovery. 

For instance, some individuals want to commit to treatment but have other responsibilities like work, school, or childcare that cannot be put on hold for recovery. In this case, CCM can connect clients with an outpatient program to fit their needs. More specifically, we can identify outpatient programs that prioritize the use of creativity and expression to guide and support recovery, which can also help enhance the excitement of the treatment and recovery journey. 

No matter where an individual stands on their journey to lasting abstinence or recovery, we can ensure that they have the professional and peer support that they need to sustain healing. Creativity can be an especially valuable element of this process. 

Creativity is essential to mental wellness, as it encourages the use of imagination to navigate and find solutions to problems. Since individuals in recovery are especially vulnerable to maladaptive coping and relapse, creativity can help aid healing and sustain recovery by fostering self-expression and art as healthy coping mechanisms. In addition, creativity can help reframe your recovery journey as it encourages self-discovery, helping you establish a new and improved self-identity in sobriety and recovery. At CCM, we provide concierge services to individuals seeking healing, connecting clients with the most appropriate treatment and long-term wellness options to fit their unique needs and goals for healing. Reframe your recovery with creativity by calling (855) 467-3226 today.