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Our History

Mike Appel founded CCM in 2000 as a boutique organization focused almost exclusively on behavioral health interventions. After twenty years, CCM has evolved into a dynamic nationwide team of professionals working together to provide holistic behavioral health solutions.

Day in and day out, the CCM team collaborates with treatment facilities, behavioral health professionals, law enforcement, security personnel, family offices, trust administrators, counsel, hospital staff, and individuals to support positive long-term results.

Our Philosophy

Addiction, alcoholism and mental illness subject the entire family system to deep, long-term emotional, physical and material damage. If left untreated, the impact of an individual’s behavior is often felt for generations to come. This reality drives our core philosophy: The entire family system must be treated in order for the individual and the family as a whole to recover and thrive.

Adherence to this philosophy is paramount as CCM promises to work with each family as long as they continue to find value in our services.


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CCM is here to help.