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Crisis CaseManagement
Healing Starts Here
Arresting the Cycle of Alcoholism and Addiction
Recovery Begins With Intervention

Alcoholism and addiction are devastating diseases.  They destroy people, families, work and social relationships, and the joy of life.  Families, friends, and colleagues try over and again to help the addict, but end up frustrated and exhausted after repeat failures. 

The truth is, without help from a caring, knowledgeable, experienced intervention specialist, the addict or alcoholic may never breathe a sober breath.

The healing starts here.  I'm Michael Appel and I specialize in expert intervention care.  I started Crisis Case Management because I'd seen the horrific effects of alcoholism and drug addiction up close.  I dedicated my life to helping those afflicted with alcoholism and addiction stop the cycle of addiction once and for all, and to helping their families heal from the devastating effects of the disease.

I offer highly personalized, caring, firm intervention services that include deep pre-intervention counseling for the family, a proven intervention procedure that helps the addict take the first firm steps into recovery, and solid after care and ongoing case management assistance, to make sure they stay on the right track.

My network of resources includes the best treatment centers, detoxification centers, and aftercare programs in the country.

I've helped hundreds of people just like you find the recovery and healing they deserve.

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