Anna Drumm

Interventionist + Private Intensive Case Manager

Recently the father of a client penned a hand-written note to CCM. The letter focused on thanking Anna for the months she spent with his daughter working on recovery, wellness, and life skills.

This father was thanking Anna for giving him his daughter back. Anna epitomizes the work that CCM is known for, and the unique, customized approach we take to each client. Anna is a seasoned recovery and wellness professional with 10+ years of experience. Her ability to connect with and advocate for clients as they deal with the physical, psychological, and spiritual elements of their recovery has made her an indispensable asset to CCM. Anna has a unique skill set, including her experience as a personal trainer, a health and wellness coach, a private intensive case manager, and a complex mental health interventionist. The effectiveness of Anna’s work is due to her focus on each individual’s specific recovery and lifestyle needs. She loves what she does and brings an infectious passion to her work and all around her.

Anna lives in Los Angeles.

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