Adriana Castellanos

Senior Interventionist & Private Intensive Case Manager

Adriana Castellanos has worked in the treatment field in many capacities for 15 years, including Director of Admissions at a Hospital (Chemical Dependency Unit), Clinical Outreach for one of the nation’s best primary psychiatric care facilities, as well as facilitating multiple complex mental interventions across the United States.

Adriana holds an advanced license for Drug & Alcohol Counseling, as well as Intervention (CAI). Through her personal experience as the daughter of an alcoholic, as well as her journey as a woman in recovery, she has tremendous knowledge from both “life experience” as well as the educational background to handle the most complex intervention cases. Adriana takes great pride in the challenges and complexities in cases involving “trauma,” an issue we see more and more in the treatment field. That left unaddressed or untreated will continue to push the addict/alcoholic back into their addictions. Adriana has learned from some of the most talented educators in the intervention business. She stays current with the latest techniques in handling the challenges of the ever-changing family dynamic.

Adriana lives in Southern California with her family.

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