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Recovery & Substance Abuse Coaching

At CCM, we understand that every individual’s path to healing from addiction and mental health challenges is unique. We understand that each person will need help at different spots along this path, and therefore, we offer a concierge service of recovery and substance abuse coaching that is on-demand. This service takes a look at the entire picture of the situation and helps clients address the individualized pieces of the puzzle that aren’t working for them.

Recovery & Substance Abuse Coaching

Recovery and substance abuse coaching is a personalized approach. Individuals have time with a coach one-on-one. This time helps them to learn about the ins and outs of their unique challenges, both in mental health and addiction. Our approach is personalized and distinctive for each individual because, at CCM, we understand the need for connection. We offer this concierge service as a way to help individuals turn the corner and heal from addiction and mental health challenges.

At CCM, we understand that the need for recovery and substance abuse coaching will occur at different points for each person. Therefore, we offer this as a concierge service so that we can go to a person when they are ready, willing, and able to address their challenges with substance abuse and addiction. This helps the service to be effective, as it addresses the problems when an individual is ready to do so. We know that individuals need to be ready and invested in order for coaching to effectively help them take the necessary steps forward.

A Broad View: Similar to a social worker, CCM recovery and substance abuse coaches take a broad view of a person’s life and their family system. This broad view takes all pieces of the puzzle into consideration. It looks at what the pieces are and how they interact with each other. For every individual, the puzzle pieces are unique. Therefore, the coach takes time to learn the landscape that exists in a person’s life. This occurs when a person takes an honest look at their life and learns to adopt a broad view.

At CCM, we take this broad perspective because we know that all parts of a person’s life are affected by their mental health and addiction. Additionally, we understand that each part of a person’s life has affected their issues with substance abuse and addiction. By taking a sweeping look, we identify the problem areas. Therefore, we have the opportunity to help individuals to make changes that support their recovery.

Family Dynamics: Through recovery and substance abuse coaching, we look at family dynamics. This includes relationships, points of contention, and more. Essentially, we want to weed out what parts of the family dynamics are not working. Once we do this, we have a clear picture of how we can effectively address the problems.

Our team concentrates on family dynamics because they are often the key to healing individuals and their families. Addiction and mental health issues resonate within a family. Unresolved issues are passed on and affect many generations to come. In addition, family dynamics play into how a person lives their life, connects with others, and meets challenges that they face. By resolving issues in family dynamics, clients can truly change how they interact with their loved ones and the world.

Family History: Addiction and mental health issues tend to run in families. Therefore, when a person is having issues with one or both, we consider their family history. Each individual’s unique history is discovered and taken into account in recovery and substance abuse coaching. Coaches and individuals dive into who else in their family has had similar challenges. For some clients, these discoveries are surprising and provide a needed explanation for their history of addiction or mental health issues.

The family history that is discussed in recovery and substance abuse coaching provides a foundation of knowledge. It draws a map for a person to look at and understand how they were impacted by the history of substance abuse in their families. Additionally, it helps to identify key plays in their families who have impacted them.

Discovering Effective Solutions: The ultimate goal of recovery and substance abuse coaching is to discover and create solutions that a person can use to turn the corner in recovery. Coaching is highly effective at doing this. This is due to the personalized nature of coaching. Coaches and individuals work together. While the coach guides, the individual participates in the creation of solutions. Over time, the individual learns skills that help them in recovery.

One part of building effective solutions is considering the past. In coaching, clients look at what has not worked for them. This gives a clear picture of what not to do. Then, the coach works with the client to think about other options. At CCM, we want our recovery and substance abuse coaching to build sustainable skills. Therefore, we rely on trying new methods. This gives clients the opportunity to make changes to how they have approached recovery. In addition, it gives them the opportunity to do it differently this time around.

Concierge recovery and substance abuse coaching at CCM is available on-demand, taking into consideration all pieces of an individual’s life, including family dynamics, family history, and more. If you are interested in learning more about CCM, our recovery and substance abuse coaching services, or how we can help you turn the corner in healing from addiction, call us today at (855) 467-3226


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