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Intensive Case Management

In the intricate world of intensive case management, we’re not just navigators through the storm of recovery; we’re companions, woven into the fabric of your story, working hand-in-hand to shape the best possible outcome for everyone involved. At CCM, we’re not mere case managers; think of us as your dedicated family recovery specialists, committed to guiding you through crisis to the full bloom of your potential.

Intensive Case Management

Picture us as more than professionals; we’re a bit like social workers, taking in the panoramic view of your family landscape. We’re not just dissecting what’s amiss; we’re delving into your family’s narrative, understanding the roles each person plays, and exploring what attempts have been made before that didn’t quite hit the mark. It’s from these heartfelt observations that we craft a unique path forward, one tailored just for you.

Our philosophy of case management dances around the delicate art of coordinating care and immersing ourselves in the depths of your family dynamics. We’re not solely focused on the identified patient (IP); we’re considering how the ripples of crisis touch each corner of your family unit. It’s a holistic perspective that empowers us to unearth alternative approaches, finely tuned to meet your distinctive needs.

In the heart of CCM, a family-centered approach guides our every move. Sure, there’s an IP in need of treatment, but we recognize that the crisis casts its shadow across the entire family. We’re honing in on each family member and their interactions and crafting bespoke solutions. Through it all, our core principles stand as the gentle wind beneath your wings, ensuring you receive the most heartfelt care.

Navigating care in times of crisis can be an overwhelming journey. We get it. That’s where our expertise shines brightest. At CCM, we gracefully shoulder the stress, orchestrating comprehensive coordination of care — from choosing the right treatment to managing admissions and verifying benefits, down to the nitty-gritty details of transportation.

We’ve woven a vast network of professionals — experts in treatment, social work, therapy, medicine, psychiatry, nutrition, law, security, and more. It’s our guarantee that you’ll be surrounded by the very best resources available, like a comforting safety net.


Our role extends beyond being mere case managers; we’re listeners and understanding allies in your family’s journey. Choosing CCM means finding comfort in knowing you’re not alone. We plunge into the root causes of the crisis, seeking solutions that are not just practical but profoundly beneficial for everyone. As family recovery specialists, we spare you the exhaustive search for treatment centers, using our experience to find the perfect match.


With over two decades of crisis intervention and intensive case management, our team brings a wealth of expertise to your story. Concierge services are at your fingertips, extending beyond treatment to envelop your entire family. Our commitment doesn’t conclude with treatment; we’re here for months, sometimes up to a year post-treatment, ensuring a journey of ongoing healing and thriving.

Intensive case management, for us, is a symphony of collaboration, a collective effort. We mobilize swiftly, working with the most suitable contacts to provide the warmest care. Our team, a dedicated cast featuring an interventionist, case manager, sober coach, supportive personnel, a director of operations, and an admissions person, ensures that no one feels overwhelmed, and communication becomes the gentle heartbeat.

On the ground, we stand side by side with the IP in crisis, matching them with a companion or sober coach who understands and who shares similar experiences. This personal touch allows us to feel the heartbeat of your unique needs at every step of the recovery journey.

Our ultimate goal is to nurture trust. Rooted in integrity and honesty, CCM is a beacon of commitment, reliability, and empathy for every situation. We acknowledge that being in crisis reverberates not only with the IP but also through personal lives and relationships. Through intensive case management, we offer gentle guidance, bringing our team together to understand each circumstance, anticipate pitfalls, and guide you through the continuum of recovery with responsiveness and skill.

At CCM, we’re not just providing meticulous and thorough care; we embody a harmonious team approach that ensures the highest levels of communication and support. Our mission is to walk beside you and your family through the intricacies of recovery, fostering resilience and a renewed sense of potential.

CCM is not a treatment center but rather the lifeline that gets you there and beyond. We work with the entire family system to assess every aspect of the current crisis and find the best solutions for your unique situation. Call (855) 467-3226 to connect with our family recovery specialists today. You can count on us to listen and help.


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