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Family Recovery Intensives

At CCM, we understand that the entire family system is dysregulated when one individual is using drugs or alcohol. As a result, family members who have been around substance abuse for a long period of time often need treatment themselves. Family recovery not only helps the family heal but also helps the entire family system shift. This helps individuals return to a family system that is healthier and supports their long-term recovery from addiction and mental health challenges. However, we know that not all family members are willing or able to check into treatment themselves in an on-site facility. As a result, at CCM, we offer family recovery intensives.

Family Recovery Intensives

Family recovery intensives are where we bring specialists into the family’s home. These specialists work with family members to help them heal and recover from the trauma and dysregulation that they have experienced. Specialists help to identify the challenges each family member is facing. Then, they help by providing effective care. Many family members do not know exactly why they are struggling. CCM’s family recovery intensives team helps them increase awareness as their first step to healing.

Every family member’s road to healing is unique. Therefore, we meet each person where they are at. By meeting each person in the present, we address their actual challenges. This may include addressing mental health challenges like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, it may also include teaching new interpersonal skills. The blend of options is endless. We offer what we believe will be effective. However, we also know that our initial plan may not be the perfect fit. Therefore, we make adjustments as needed. This ensures that we provide a service that is effective in aiding the healing process.

At CCM, we have a team of specialists available. We work as a team as a way to address each person’s challenges from many different angles. This is true on-site at our facility. However, it is also true for family recovery intensives. We bring in specialists that are going to be most helpful for family members.

The specialists will vary for each situation. For example, we may be in someone to do neurofeedback. However, we may also bring in someone to provide yoga or sound bath services. It is our goal to put each family member with the best specialists that we believe will be the best fit. This means matching specialists to meet their needs in terms of personalities and treatment modalities that will be most helpful for them.

At CCM, it is our goal to provide a safe, healing environment. We understand that when a person feels safe, they can relax. A safe environment helps them face issues that may have been put away for a long time and address things that need to change in their lives. Both of these are impossible to do when a person does not feel like they are safe.

Therefore, in family recovery intensives, we create a safe healing environment. We help families to feel like they are truly taken care of. This means providing them with an effective care plan. However, it also means listening to their needs. We adjust along the way and do everything we can to nurture and support them.

Family recovery intensives at CCM start with five days. We put in a significant amount of time, effort, and support to make these five days count. Family members get multiple different treatment options. We transform their home into a safe environment where they are encouraged and supported to face the challenges they are having due to their loved one’s substance abuse and mental health challenges.

During these five days, the treatment team is devoted to the care of this family. They are focused on providing the most effective treatment they can in a short period of time. This means working together as a holistic care team. Each individual family member is addressed. However, the entire family system and dynamics are also taken into account. Therefore, it is a healing environment built around the specific needs of the family.

While five days may seem short, it provides family members with a place to start healing. The foundation of healing begins with becoming aware of and accepting the challenges one is facing. For family members of those with addiction, this is difficult. It is often only when they feel safe that they can begin to care for their own needs. While their loved one is getting help, it is an ideal time to do so. They can begin to heal, while their loved one takes steps towards long-term recovery in treatment.

After the five days of family recovery intensives, there are many options available to families. However, the five-day intensive gives them a more clear picture of their challenges. They learn what it is that they are struggling with, why, and the type of path they can take to heal. Then, we help them to take the next step. This may look like continuing to get treatment. However, by working with our team, families have support and care that reaches beyond their loved one’s healing. It helps the entire family system to heal and shift into a more functional and healthy family.

When one person in the family is struggling with addiction, the entire family system and every family member is impacted. Call CCM today at (855) 467-3226 to learn how we support the entire family on the path to healing. 


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