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Companion Services

Addiction is a disease that takes over a person’s life. At CCM, we understand that addiction is not simple. Breaking free from addiction takes time for a person to heal and learn new skills that give them the ability to build and sustain a healthier life. It is a unique and individualized journey that each person must take. However, having support during the process makes it all possible. As a result, we offer companion services. Through companion services, individuals have a person to hold them accountable and help them through the many challenges they face. By facing these difficulties head-on and with support, clients learn how to live a happier and healthier life.

Companion Services

Companion services are available after detox. When an individual has successfully detoxed, they begin the road to healing. Their physical recovery is only the start of healing. The next steps require that a person creates new and healthier patterns in their lives that make their long-term recovery possible.

Daily support helps clients take individual steps that make a significant difference in their lives. Companion services provide daily support. This means that every step of the way, clients have someone to talk to about their challenges and guide them. Every individual needs a different and unique type of support. The individuality of companion services offers support day-to-day that is effective and genuinely helpful.

At the CCM, our companion services offer accountability, drug testing, and support – a unique blend that helps our clients to heal as a whole person. Each looks different for every individual. However, they are vital in providing daily support.

Accountability: Having accountability is important in helping clients address challenges along the road to healing from addiction and other mental health challenges. Accountability gives clients the direction and support they need when they meet bumps in the road. The specific challenges that each person meets are unique. However, accountability gives individuals support to make real changes in their lives.

Accountability includes checking in regularly. This helps a person to make consistent changes. Change is difficult. Through companion services, individuals have structure to ensure that they truly change patterns in their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings. It is an effective method of making real and important shifts in a person’s life.

Drug testing: In recovery, ensuring that a person is not using drugs or alcohol again is important. Therefore, drug testing is often a part of the accountability piece of companion services. A person’s companion administers a drug test and checks that they are not currently using.

Drug testing is a way to keep a person accountable. When they know that they will be tested, they are more motivated to address the challenges of not using drugs or alcohol. In addition, it provides objective proof that they can steer clear of substance abuse. For many individuals, this helps them to believe that long-term recovery is possible for them. In addition, it helps family members to see that they are making progress and changes.

Support: Support comes in many forms. For each person at every step of recovery, support needs to be different. Effective support takes into consideration where a person is mentally, physically, and emotionally. Support provides care and structure that guides a person to learn necessary lessons and take steps toward healing.

Companion services offer support. However, it is a unique kind of support. A companion is well-educated on the difficulties of addiction and mental health challenges. They know the process of healing well. Therefore, they know when to provide structure and the type of support that is effective in helping a person to take responsibility and learn to live a life free from addiction.

Having effective support is very important in the treatment and recovery process. At CCM, we know that support can make or break the recovery process. Therefore, our companion services are based on the understanding that every person needs a unique blend of support and care. With support, people can make substantial changes in their lives and transform themselves.

Healing from addiction is a process of making many changes. In treatment, individuals begin the process. However, when they leave and go home, they need to learn to live independently without drug or alcohol abuse. Companion services can help. Our companion services give individuals the chance to try out their new skills without losing all structure and support. A companion offers the perfect blend of care and freedom, which truly gives a person the chance to learn and change.

At CCM, we believe that no single part of treatment is the only solution. Companion services are an important part of healing. However, they are one part of a bigger picture. Effective treatment for addiction and mental health challenges needs to address many different aspects. This includes physical dependency, family dynamics, and mental health challenges. It is only when all of the parts are taken into consideration that treatment is effective. We work hard to ensure that companion services work alongside other aspects of treatment and serve as the next step and type of support for clients as they return home.

Companion services offer a unique blend of accountability, support, and care that can help you learn how to live your life free from drugs or alcohol. If you are interested in learning about CCM and how companion services work as part of a whole and effective treatment plan, call us today at (855) 467-3226


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