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Collaborative Treatment & Aftercare Planning

In the world of recovery, CCM isn’t just a service; we’re your unwavering companions throughout the entire journey. From the initial steps through treatment and beyond. CCM will not drop you off and say goodbye; we are there every step of the way, fostering a continuous and compassionate connection.

Collaborative Treatment & Aftercare Planning

Our commitment extends beyond addiction and mental health recovery. We’re advocates for collaborative treatment, working hand in hand with providers and specialists to ensure you receive not just care but the absolute best care tailored uniquely to you. At CCM, we forge partnerships with trusted allies to guide your healing journey, making it a truly personalized experience.

By coordinating all aspects of the treatment process, ensuring seamless communication between care providers, monitoring the ongoing needs of clients, and addressing any barriers, we can truly be the support you need. From our in-depth assessment of each client’s needs, creating a unique treatment plan based on a holistic whole-family approach – as well as looking at the history of the individual, the family, things that have worked in the past, and what is working now – we provide unmatched services that let you focus on treatment.

Collaborative treatment, an integrated approach to care, is at the heart of what we do. It seamlessly weaves together mental health and substance abuse interventions, connecting you with providers who can deliver individualized services. The benefits are profound — discontinued substance use, improved psychiatric symptoms, a higher chance of successful recovery, an enhanced quality of life, and more.

Yet, beyond these outcomes lies the magic of a team-based approach. It provides not just organized leadership support, decision support for providers, and clinical information systems, but also engages you in your care through self-management support and community resources.

At CCM, our commitment to clients and collaboration with treatment centers and specialists isn’t just a mission — it’s a way of life. We know that the gaps in detection and treatment often arise due to a lack of collaboration and communication. That’s where we step in, ensuring that health care clinicians learn what we learn about you and work together seamlessly to provide curated recovery care.

Within CCM’s curated recovery care program, our partners play a pivotal role. From the initial assessment of each identified patient (IP), we embark on a mission to find the perfect treatment facility for you. It’s not just about finding a facility; it’s about finding the ideal match for your unique needs. We have the connections, and we utilize them to ensure you get the personalized care you deserve.

Creating a tailored treatment plan requires an in-depth understanding of your needs. At CCM, our assessment process isn’t a checklist; it’s a conversation. We explore every possible outcome, family dynamics, history, and past attempts at recovery to paint a comprehensive picture. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution; it’s about crafting a holistic approach to your healing journey — one that resonates with you and your family.

Your family isn’t just part of the process; they are the process. The whole family approach to treatment at CCM recognizes the pivotal role family members play in designing and implementing services. From the initial stages through aftercare, family involvement is the linchpin for success. They are your support system, and we ensure they are integral to your entire journey.

One of the silent hurdles in the recovery process is the lack of communication among care providers. Miscommunications and disjointed interactions often occur, leading to gaps in care. CCM steps in to bridge these gaps, linking all care providers, facilities, and services. We ensure seamless communication, reducing the risk of missed information and providing a smooth transition of care at every level.

Embarking on the journey of recovery is like stepping into a constantly evolving story — a story that doesn’t neatly conclude with the last page of treatment. At CCM, we recognize the importance of this ongoing narrative and understand that aftercare is not an afterthought; it’s a crucial chapter in your recovery story.

Imagine your recovery as a delicate tapestry. Without the careful weaving of aftercare, the collaborative treatment that brought you to this point may lose its strength, leaving vulnerabilities that could lead to relapse or crisis. In our eyes, your journey doesn’t end with treatment; it extends into carefully tended aftercare.

Our role in aftercare planning is more than a professional duty; it’s a commitment to your sustained well-being. We extend a hand through thoughtful outreach, not just as a clinical follow-up, but as a reminder that you’re not navigating post-treatment alone.

Celebrate every milestone and fortify your journey. Measurement-based care, adjusting interventions based on your unique needs, and adaptive treatment guide and evolve with you. It’s a dynamic, personalized roadmap ensuring your recovery journey is resilient, adapting to the ebb and flow of your unique story. So, together, let’s continue scripting a tale of endurance, support, and a personalized plan crafted just for you.

Here at CCM, we are dedicated to ensuring you have access to the best treatment available. Through collaborative treatment and aftercare planning, we work with only the most trusted providers to guide you through treatment and beyond. We work with you and your family every step of the way to ensure seamless transitions of care as well as aftercare planning to keep you in recovery. Call us at (855) 467-3226 to get started.


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